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Investing in our Community

An investment in our workforce now is key to the growth of our economy in the future. That is why Pete Kohlhoff supports investments in job training and apprenticeship programs. Pete will focus on helping businesses get back on their feet and help workers get the specialized skills they need for today’s economy.


Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Pete believes in cutting bureaucracy and red-tape, streamlining Wisconsin’s government, and ensuring your tax dollars are spent wisely. That’s why Pete will fight to make sure hard-working Wisconsinites are given a hand-up, not a hand-out, during difficult times and that the government is investing in the people, not programs.


Ensuring an Effective Response

Nobody understands the needs of our local communities like the individuals who live in them, especially in an emergency. Pete will work to ensure we have focused emergency response efforts at all levels of government. Pete knows it is important to allow flexibility for local communities to respond in a way that best suits their unique needs, not just force a one size fits all, big government approach.

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